CCA Tube replacement Copper Tube is really workable?

CCA tube means copper-clad aluminum tube, it is a kind of new material in HVAC industrial application.

The outer layer of CCA tube is C1100 or T2 copper or with “O” temper and inner layer is antirust aluminum alloy 3003, the middle layer is the metallurgy integrated layer of copper and aluminum materials.

How does this new material work in HVAC products? CCA tube replacemnt copper tube is really workable? with these questions we do analysis as follow aspect from different perspective

1. 60% Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of copper is about 380w/MK, aluminum tubes are 237w/MK. CCA Tube is just approximately 60% of copper thermal conductivity. as far as thermal conductivity concerned, copper tube is the best material.

we compare different material thermal conductivity like stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and different copper alloys, we can check to follow chart

2. 45% saving cost

CCA Tube is made of aluminum and copper material, the weight ratio between them is approximately 55:45, and volume ratio between copper and aluminum is approximately 25:75.

Copper density is 8.96 and Aluminum density is 2.7, CCA density is 4.3, it is in the middle of two types of material. Actually speaking, we can save 45% material cost compare to copper tube. but how are CCA’s physical properties?

3. Physical Properties

3003 Aluminum tubing tensile strength is 110 to 130MPA, C1100 copper pipe tensile strength is 220 to 250MPA, CCA Tube tensile strength is 150 to 190MPA, Obviously, CCA Tube inherits copper pipe high tensile strength.

3003 aluminum tubing Elongation is 30% to 40%, C1100 copper pipe elongation is around 35%, they are similar in elongation. certainly, CCA tube elongation is 38% around.

With a unique two-layer structure design, CCA Tube has strong pressure resistance above 15MPA, which is the priority.

Harness(HV) aluminum is 58 around, copper is 105 more or less, CCA is 85 approximately

4. CCA Tube VS Copper Tube

Before we analyse the thermal conductivity, physical properties like tensile strength and Elongation. It is easy to make a conclusion that CCA Tube has an advantage on Mechanical properties and material saving cost. But it is a little weak on Thermal conductivity which mean CCA tube is not good used for those products require high thermal conductivity.

But the material saving cost, CCA tube has a natural advantage based on its two-layer structure.

Let’s choose the same outside diameter and pipe wall thickness for comparison. we take 6.35mm, 9.52mm, 12.7mm, 15.88mm, and 19.05mm for example.

CCA TUBECopper tubeWeight Ratio
CCA VS Copper
CCA Tube VS Copper Tube

CCA tube VS copper tube, CCA tube weights 48.65% of copper tube based on the same dimension. that is big saving cost in materials.

CCA tube is popular in HVAC products like air conditioning pipe assembly, RF cables, air tank and refrigerator evaporator tube. But if your products have high requirement for thermal conductivity, Copper tube is also the best choice for you. CCA tube application were decided by your products design and actual requirement.



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