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Pipe-Processing Machinery Manufacturer In China
One-Stop Solution

LICHEE is one of China’s leading pipe-processing CNC machinery manufacturers and suppliers. We strive to offer technical support and help establish your own factory and produce your own products smoothly at a very good price, and with an exceptional level of quality.


Fully Technical support for pre-sale & after-sale and 100% guaranteed quality service 



Providing Pipe-processing Equipment with qualified materials together.



We equipped a full-automatic machinery line from China, an easy-gain production line, and deep processing workshops.



Offering full-life After-sale service and Main parts guarantee 5 years.


Revolutionary Machinery

Chip-less Cutting Machine

Cutting length:40~4000mm, Voltage:Three-phase five line 380V/50Hz/4.5Kw

CNC Spinning Machine

Mold:CK0640, processed within 40 mm in diameter and 200 mm in length.

Copper-Aluminum Welding

UN35-200 PLC system and Special Microcomputer welding controller

Rotary Welding Machine

The detection station is equipped with "whether the workpiece is there or not"

Tube Flaring Machine

Processing pipe dia:φ4-φ20mm and pipe wall thickness:0.2-1.5mm, flaring speed:3-5s/piece

Tube End Forming Machine

Processing capacity(OD):Max Φ20x1.5mm.Hydraulic pressure:12Mpa

Check out our work

Some Precise Pipe Processing samples

Fabrication Processing

Offering one-stop solution machinery for various pipe & tube processing with different metal material for demanding.


Copper, Aluminum, stainless steel, Iron.

Cutting to length

Automatic Straightening Chippless Cutting

Metal Spinning

Spinning capacity(OD):Φ30~Φ80mm,T:0.8~t1.2mm

Forming / Bending

Power: Pneumatic /Hydraulic/Electrical


Processing OD Max Φ20x1.5mm.


Workpiece length Max 1800mm.

Application Videos

Display some part machine working videos for reference.

Pipe Bending Machine

Pushing. E-mandrel, 4-axis interpolation Stack: single, double, Multi Bending direction: right and left and pushing.

Straightening Chipless Cutting Machine

Machine Type: CNC Automatic, cutting length:40~4000mm.  precision:±0.2mm. Material Metal Processed: Bass, Copper, aluminum tube 

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