Aluminum copper Butt-welding Technology

How to braze copper and aluminum well, 100% no leakage with butt-welding technology,60% saving cost compare with full copper

4 steps of Butt-Welding of Aluminum-Copper

Copper to Aluminum welding. The peeling resistance test is an important test method to examine the mechanical properties of copper-aluminum welds

Peel off strength test

Pw=P/B Pw is the anti-peeling ability N/mm; P is the N of the peel force B is the sample width in mm

Welding Part

you could find Copper aluminum fusion material: AL4Cu9

Tensile strength test

Tensile tests were performed on two sizes of copper-aluminum joints

Leakage test

Put the welding part under the water and use air pressure 3.0MPA

Butt-welding Machine

Copper-aluminum butt welding is best way to brazing different melting point material

CU-AL Fusion Part

Copper aluminum fusion material: AL4Cu9 observing under high power microscope

Welding Joint Area

The welding joint area must be 5mm above and judged as a qualified products.

Aluminum pipe kit

You can find the complete course of aluminum pipe copper ends insulated kits processing on the left video.

Butt-welding technology for brazing Aluminum to copper is a mature processing made in China, providing complete technical support when using butt-welding machine.

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