3003 Aluminum tubing

3003 and 3103 alloy grade aluminum tubing has good anti-corrosion and heat exchange performance. it can meet the requirements of heat exchangers.

After online annealing, its temper” O” or “H112” aluminum flexible tubing. Common size outside diameter by wall thickness

  • 7×0.51mm
  • 7.94×0.9mm
  • 9.52×0.9mm



Alloy grade: 3003, 3103


7×0.51mm, 9.52×0.71mm

Tensile Strength







Heat exchanger

Products Details

We are an Aluminum round tubing supplier and manufacturer in the HVAC Industry for over 20 years, focus on 3003 and 3103 alloy grade aluminum tubing that widely used in heat exchangers.

Compare to the copper tube, three meters of the aluminum tube is equivalent to one meter of the copper refrigerant tube. 3003 alloy grade material is good to use for Roll-bond evaporator, plate evaporator, condenser coils.


  • Precision cooling Drawn tubing and online annealing
  • Mechanical property: Tensile strength more than 115% Mpa, Elongation more than 35%
  • Its Expanding more than 40%
  • Material Density:3.3, lightweight aluminum tubing.
  • Anti-Corrosion and good heat exchange performance

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