Aluminium High Frequency Welded Tube

Aluminum High-Frequency Welded Tube is called seamless collector tube that widely used in heat exchanger filed. Out layer is 10% filler of 4045 or 4343. The filler layer adds 0.5-1.5% material “Zn” that strengthens anode loss protection.


Base Tube

3003 or 6063

Filler layer

4045 or 4343


0.5% to 1.5%

Outside diameter


Tensile strength




Products Details

Aluminum high frequency welded tube is made of 3003 or 6063 aluminum alloy and brazing filler material is 4343 or 4045. aluminum tubes are tightly and uniformly combined with cold drawing.

It is a kind of al-al composite tube, making an additional layer of weldable aluminum smoothly attach to the ordinary tube. This kind of composite aluminum tubes is widely used in the air conditioning heat exchanger field.


  • Seamless collector tube
  • Out layer 10% filler 4045 or 4343
  • Base pipe: 3003 or 6063
  • Dimension: OD 16 to OD30mm
  • Wall thickness:1.0 to 1.6mm
  • Tensile strength >130 to 150MPA
  • Elongation >15%
  • Temper: H14

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