Aluminum Return Bend

We offer a variety of wall thicknesses and product sizes to meet OEM specific application. Aluminum return bend can be provided with or without rings, sized, or swedged to exact specifications.



Alloy 3003 or 3103

Outside diameter


Wall thickness



"O" annealed


for weld


Heat exchangers

Products Details

Aluminum return bend is made of aluminum alloy grade:3003,3103 or 1070, we provide technical drawings of tube fabrication. Aluminum U bender is widely used in heat exchangers. A U-shaped pipe fitting for connecting the contiguous ends.

as a long radius aluminum return bend or a short radius aluminum return bend that can be configured as standard 180 degrees.Material seamless aluminum tube with alloy grade 3103,temper”O”, annealed. the ends of the tube must not have oval shape, the parts must be clan and free from sharp edges or burrs.


  • Alloy grade: 3103 with temper “O” annealed
  • Aluminum U bender without ring for weld
  • Aluminum return bend with ring for weld
  • 180 degree pipe bending

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