Aluminum Seamless Tube

The seamless aluminum tube is a kind of cold drawing precision extruded tube without having any welding joint. We provide aluminum seamless tubing with high precision, good surface quality.

The inner and outer walls of the seamless aluminum tube are smooth and burning or cracking on the surface. The available dimension of 7×0.51mm, 8×0.9mm, 9.52×0.8mm and so on



Cold drawing


Aluminum 3003 & 3103

Tensile Strength





corrosion and oxidation resistance

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What is the Seamless Aluminum Tube?

The seamless aluminum tube is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy by extrusion processing without weld. The seamless aluminum tube will be solid with each end without having any welding joint.

As the Aluminum seamless tube supplier, we provide alloy grade 3003 and 3103 seamless aluminum tube. Seamless aluminum tubes are produced by piercing extrusion, while conventional aluminum tubes are usually extruded by a combined die. Aluminum Alloy seamless tube is using short aluminum bars with high temperature, slow speed extrusion process, aging time and temperature are adjusted according to the thickness and diameter of the aluminum tubing.


  • Alloy grade:3003, 3103
  • Surface: mill finished and no burning or cracking on the surface.
  • Anti-corrosion  by 1000 hours above salt spray test
  • Tensible strength>110MPA, Elongation>30%
  • Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
  • Cold drawing precision of seamless aluminum tube

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