Butt welded Copper Aluminum Connector

Butt-welded technology is a kind of metal bonding by heating the workpiece to a melting or plastic state by the electrical current flowing through the contact surface. Working pressure under 4.0MPA that is available in refrigerant R410a.




Welded fusion



Aluminum and copper

Alloy grade

3003 and 6061


Cold storage

Products Details

Butt-welded Copper Aluminum Connector is widely used for cold storage refrigerant systems. we provide the latest butt-welding technology to make sure zero leaks in evaporators operating.

We tested our fusion area at more than 6.9mm, after helium detection, no leak risk happens in working pressure 4.0Mpa. authorized patten N0:10-1925119.

What is butt-welded?

Butt-welded refers to a method that applying pressure and heating by an electric current on weldment. when welding, no required filler metal, high productivity, and automation.

Butt Resistance welding is a method of forming metal bonding by heating the workpiece to a melting or plastic state by using the resistance thermal effect caused by the current flowing through the contact surface and the adjacent area of the workpiece.

How to judge qualified copper&aluminum tube butt welding?


  • Welded Fusion area >6.9mm
  • Material aluminum alloy 3003, copper alloy C1100
  • Pipe dimension:22mm, 25mm, 30mm
  • Technology: butt-welding fabrication
  • Application: Cold storage

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