Copper Aluminum Tube Assembly

Copper Aluminum Tube Assembly is one of the refrigerator parts. We adopt butt-welding technology and get an authorized patent No:10-1925119. No leak risk over 8 years above. working pressure in R410 and R 32 refrigerant.



Tube fabrication

Welding Technology


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Heat exchanger

Refrigerator Parts

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R410, R32

Products Details

Refrigerator parts, copper aluminum tube assembly used for freezer system, OEM tube fabrication as your drawings. we use butt-welding technology to keep “o” leak. our patent NO: 10-1925119.

Technical principle

Aluminum-copper butt welding with electricity, we get patent from the Chinese government on the 2002 year.

As we know aluminum melting point 660 ℃, Copper melting point 1083.4℃

How to good welded copper and aluminum tube?

Our butt welding technique balance temperature and make butt-welding on temperature 570℃, aluminum and copper stay in half-solid condition, that is the best temperature for aluminum and copper butt-welding by electrical pulse strong strength.


  • Butt welding technology
  • Patent No:10-1925119
  • custom tube fabrication as drawings
  • Copper-Aluminum Pipe Refrigeration Fitting

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