Copper Clad Aluminum tube

Copper clad aluminum tubes can save up to 45% of the cost of a full copper pipe. The weight ratio is approximately 55:45 between copper and aluminum, with a unique two-layer structure design it has strong pressure resistance.

Thermal conductivity for copper is about 380 w/m*c. The aluminum thermal conductivity is approximately 237 w/m*c. CCA tube has approximately 60% of copper thermal conductivity.



Copper clad aluminum

Weight ratio


Volume ratio




Thermal Conductivity

60% of copper thermal conductivity

Tensile strength


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What is CCA tube?

CCA Tube is short of the copper-clad aluminum tube. that is a kind of new tube, a copper-aluminum interface is a form of metal bonding between CU and AL atoms. The tube has an outer layer of oxygen-free copper and an inner layer of antirust 3003 ally grade aluminum.

The outer layer of the CCA tube is T2 or C1100 copper, the inner layer is anti-corrosion 3003 Aluminum alloy, the middle layer is the metallurgy integrated layer of copper and aluminum.

CCA Tube weight ratio between copper and aluminum is approximately 55:45, and the volume ratio between copper and aluminum is approximately 25:75, with density 4.3, nearly save up to 45% of the cost.

CCA Tube replacement Copper Tube is really workable?

CCA Tube VS Copper Tube


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