Inner Grooved Aluminum Pipe

Inner Grooved Aluminum Pipe makes it perfect for the design of new high-performance fin & tube heat exchangers as well as for replacement of copper IGT(microfine) tubes used in the past.

Standard diameters are available in serval variants of groove geometry. common dimension: OD 5x04mm, 6×0.5mm, 7×0.5mm, 7.94×0.54mm, 9.52×0.68mm


Fabrication process

Extruded tube, Precision drawn

Alloy grade:

3003, 3103

Fine type

Helical grooved




OD5X0.4mm, 7×0.5mm, 7.94×0.4mm


air conditioner, heat pump

Products Details

The inner grooved aluminum pipes are available in various 3xxx alloys like 3003,3103. To achieve optimum performance of the tubes it is important to use the correct publication in the expansion process.

The thermal-hydraulic performance of typical OD 7.0mm tubes was tested with R410A, the dominant refrigerant in air conditioning and heat pump applications.  A popular copper micro-fin tube for the standard all-around purpose was also tested to demonstrate that the performance of inner grooved aluminum pipes has similar performance.


  • Technical process: Extruded tube, precision drawn and grooved with helical inner grooves
  • Alloy grade: available in various 3xxx alloy
  • Fin type: Helical grooved tube
  • Common dimension: OD 5×0.4mm, 7×0.5mm, 7.94×0.4mm, 9.52×0.5mm
  • Helix angle: 18

Dimension Chart


Our Services

OEM & ODM Available

We provide any form of ODM&OEM requirement service, Different outside diameter, and high fins.

Technical Solution

We have strict quality control and provide tooling test and technical drawings solutions to satisfied with special needs. 

Aluminumhvac offers us a good solution for our heat exchanger, we require an outside diameter of 5.0mm with the fin high 0.37mm, which enhance heat transfer efficiency.

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