Refrigerator Parts tube fabrication assembly

Refrigerator Parts tube fabrication assembly is tube&pipe fabrication bending, there are two points welded parts, one is copper-aluminum connecting welded parts, another is aluminum pipe soldering to the aluminum accumulator.

We provide various custom tubing fabrication, raw material comes from the Hydro group.



Based on drawing

Leak Test



R22, R410, R132


Tube formed


Refrigerator Parts

Products Details

We are a manufacturer of refrigerator parts tube fabrication assembly in China for over 20 years, we provide OEM & ODM design and intensive processing on tube bending fabrication.

Freezer parts tube bending fabrication assembly used for cooling circuit in the refrigeration system. that request no any leak risk, promise sealing and safe in heat exchanger working. they are widely used for evaporator coils, aluminum heat exchangers in the HVAC industry


  • OEM drawings tube fabrication
  • Refrigerator parts tube assembly
  • Leak test, sealing
  • Cooling circuit with accumulator
  • Application: Freezer evaporator.

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